about ME

Hi There.

I am Altesa. The blogger of both Plan A and Simple With A Twist blogs.

Below is one of those Get To Know Me cheat sheet list (subject to change)…. after which reading you move from perfect stranger right into friend status.

1. I have food crushes.  I will obsessively eat something I like everyday until it makes me sick or just doesn’t taste the same anymore.  Right now my food crush is:  Trader Joe’s 5 layer salsa dip with tortilla chips.   Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream  Von’s Cheesecake with  Strawberries.

2. Every time I visit my family & friends in New Jersey, I make sure I eat an Italian Cheeseburger, White Castle and curry rice w/ chicken from Sammy’s Noodle in NY.  And Yes. I love to eat.  The messier the food, the better.

3. The Fall season is my fave time of year… colors, clothes, accessories, crisp air, early nights.  Love. Love.

4. Of course, I nominate Thanksgiving to win Best Holiday Award!

5. The sound and smell of rain has a happy effect on me.

6. Loved that it rain-stormed the entire weekend I got married.

7. I love Jesus and the bible is the single most inspirational and influential book in my life.

8. I gain extraordinary powers when people place limitations on me.

9. My life and work are fueled by being creative with a purpose.   It gives me the most pain and pleasure.  In fact, it’s in the trenches of the creative process that I feel the closest to God.(Go Figure)

10. Anything I put my hands to do come with a LOT of brain work no matter how small the thing.

11. I consider myself a socially private person. (if that makes sense to you, then you probably are too)

12. Although I hate the debt that came with it, I would go to grad school for acting all over again. I love acting, studying and performing, playing and collaborating,  the process and the art form. (my heart flutters as I type)  Combine that with a story and/or part that is well written and redemptive—  FULLNESS OF JOY!

13. I am a “thrifter” which means I prefer thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and bargain stores over a mall any day.

14. I love to see how people live and decorate their homes and will look into someone’s curtain-less or open window without hesitation.

15. I love decor magazines and blogs which allows me to look inside people’s homes without any legal ramifications.:)

16. I prefer meaningful conversations over small talk.

17. I actually believe “I can do all things through Christ”.

18. Not good at on-the-spot arguing or debating unless I can go home and write my thoughts out first, then I will have a fighting chance.

19. My laugh is pretty loud and it will either annoy you or make you want to know what’s funny so that you can join in.

Feel free to share something from your own cheat sheet list.  It will be nice to see if we have anything in common.



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