about PLAN A

Plan A is hanging on the mountain with Elijah praying for rain, it’s asking for the crumbs that fall from the master’s table, it’s wrestling with God until He blesses you. It’s choosing to trust God even when the odds are against you, the answer is no and it downright hurts.

Plan A is building a boat when there has never been rain, it’s dipping your sick body in a dirty river of water with the hope of being made well, it’s marrying a woman who is with child when that child is not yours– but God’s. It’s obedience in the face of the impossible.

Plan A is blessing my enemies, loving my neighbor and giving my tithe.  It’s praying first. It’s inviting the Lord into every situation. It’s drawing near to God, Resisting the devil and expecting him to flee.

Plan A is choosing to trust in the Person of Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Son of God and all the benefits that affords.

Plan A, the blog is my journey through this tough, “foolish” decision to trust God in every situation and outcome.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay a while and be encouraged to know if you, too want but struggle with God’s Plan A for your life, you are in good company.

– Altesa


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